Efficient Lady's Organizer Free

Efficient Lady's Organizer Free 5.60

A free personal information manager specially designed for ladies

Efficient Lady's Organizer Free is an easy-to-use time manager. You can use it as a scheduler, planner, contact book, personal diary, or as support for saving simple notes. Women will surely appreciate the stylish interface types, all of them designed to meet ladies' likings. There is no difference compared to the edition released for men, except the way of displaying the content.

If you decide to use this application, you will definitely like the fact that you don't need to register repetitive events or tasks. A simple click on the "recurrence" tab will remind you about things to do at precise intervals that you have set. More than that, the same information saved in the Events or Tasks modules will occur automatically in the Calendar and Today inlays. As these four modules are interrelated, you may perform modifications in any of them. The changes are saved in each of them.

Another aspect that is worth to be mentioned is that the Contacts module provides more then sufficient fields to be filled-in. You may note down information starting from name, address, home or business number, to hobbies, speciality, or personality type. You can also attach a picture to the profile, or even save your own comments about that person.

For those who like to write down their thoughts, the program features a Diary module as well. There is nothing extraordinary about it, except maybe for the fact that you have the chance to work almost like in a Word document.

Being free, this edition of Efficient Lady's Organizer has, of course, some limitations. Thus, you cannot create groups and organize information into them. Another restricted action is attaching files to different modules. Considering however that this is a free release, I think it is a nice, easy-to-use, well-structured and helpful time organizer program.

Amelia Wagner
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  • It helps you organize your time, without any extra cost
  • It has a nice, stylish interface


  • You cannot organize information into groups
  • You cannot add attachments to modules
  • Data sharing is not allowed
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